Randem Systems

Website Integration

What is your website integrated into? Is it just a poster or advertisment for your business? It can be far more useful to your business in the back office.

Things that you can integrate into your website:


  • Customer Support
  • User Contact
  • Sales
  • Data Retrieval
  • Field Support
  • User Shopping
  • Forum
  • Booking / Reservations

Keep your customers and potential customers engaged in your business.



Do you operate your business with an Yahoo, Gmail or another free or universal email account? Do you know that you really shouldn't do this? Especially if you already have a company website with a domain name. The reasoning is; if two companys had exactly the same resume but one had a free gmail email and the other had a professional email address with their domain name, which one would you choose? If a company has a free email or website, they are cutting corners and if they cut corners on themselves they will certainly cut corners on you!

Don't let a provider hold your domain name, hosted account or email accounts hostage. Find out how to protect yourself. We can help you get out from under and provide you with what you really need.

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