Avoid On-line Scams

Virus Removal Package

Remove infections and update Windows so that your computer runs smoothly and fast. We also add trial versions of our selection of infection software that you are missing that will help you stay protected. You can  purchase the software from our website or call us and we will email you the licenses.

Virus Removal            $125.00


Virus Removal Programs

All prices are for a 1 year subscription



AVG Internet Security

Malwarebytes Prem


$64.99 - 1 PC

$19.99 - 3 PCs

$19.99 - 2 PCs

Removal After the Infection


If we install any infection protection program on your computer we will set it to run automatically at about 10:30PM everyday; so that all you need to do is to leave you computer on and the scans will happen. Your computer does not need to be scanned everyday since it is now protected but scanning does has the effect of assuring you that all is ok.

Learn how to identify and avoid the complicated on-line scams that could hold your computer's data hostage, cripple your computer or lead you into a tech support scam.

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