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These upgrade scripts were made because the upgrade script that come with OpenCart do not work so we decided to make one that does.
We also have made some fixes to issues that were around since v1.5.6 and are not fixed in the current version v2.2.0.0.
You should NEVER operate on a live environment unless you ABSOLUTELY have to! No Professional would have you do any different.

This is for testing only!!!

This is being tested with the upgrade path of v2.1.0.x to v2.2.0.0 ONLY!!! (for now) - Issues to expect in v2.2.0.0

We suggest NOT to move to v2.2.0.0 for it is not production ready yet.
The highest version you should migrate is to v2.1.0.2 with our fixes applied until the OpenCart developers correct the flaws that prevent v2.2.0.0 from being production ready.

After installing the OpenCart v2.2.0.0 software, replace the upgrade scripts of your v2.2.0.0 install with the attached scripts then run the upgrade.
All the script should be replaced with the ones in the archive.
Just upload the contents of the unzipped folder to your OpenCart root folder.

Let me know if there are any changes that should or are required to be made...

Be aware that your MODS may not work at all for the code has changed a lot.
You will also need the updated installation of VQMOD for OpenCart for v2.2.0.0 and VQMOD Manager

Proper debugging techniques for your OpenCart system

Please check back for updates:

Upgrade Procedure:
  • Upload the OpenCart v2.2.0.0 software to your hosting site.
  • Download and unzip the upgrade archive files then upload the whole folder structure to the root of the OpenCart hosted site to replace the original upgrade files
  • Run the install script where you installed OpenCart (Ex. to upgrade your database
  • After upgrade go to user groups (Settings->Users->User Groups) to give all permissions to the Administrator.

Updated 03/17/2016 - v2.2.0.x

  • Fix: When updating the API table with a default user the primary key was duplicated leading to an insert error.
  • Fix: Name field in the customer_group_description table was dropped. leading to errors.
  • Fix: Incorrect value type was attempting to be inserted into auto increment index.

Updated 03/17/2016 - v2.2.0.x

This VQMOD XML file is the VQMod install that contains all the changes below that we have made to OpenCart v2.2.0.x to correct issues.
Use this procedure if you do not want to make physical changes to your OpenCart files (Recommended).
Best when used with VQMOD Manager

  • Fix: Force Admin to SSL - 20160306 - daniGo  - v1.0.0
  • Add: Full database dump in Backup and Restore is now available in SQL format that has DROP / CREATE / INSERT statements so that you can backup/restore your whole database properly - 20160315 - v1.0.0
  • Fix: Fix Customer.php file Syntax Error - aaron1988 - v1.0.0
  • Fix: Fix Address.php file Syntax Error - v1.0.0
  • Fix: Owl transition css not loading - helenmarie - v1.0.1
  • Fix: When selecting "Print Shipping List" from the Orders section; if no product in the order were to be shipped the browser screen would be blank.
    Changed it to show the order but with DO NOT SHIP in the heading. This will avoid confusing  the user into believing that something is broken - v1.0.1
  • Fix: column_Left, column_right,content_top & content_bottom so that the store layout will display properly - v1.0.2
  • Add: Missing header text and allow it to be used - v1.0.2
  • Fix: Broken banner template for add/edit - Gaspar - v1.0.2
  • Fix: Updated OpenBayPro code that was left over from v1.5.x - v1.0.2
  • Add: Place suhosin parameters to php.ini for when product[key] gets too long (root & admin) when updating quantity in checkout/cart - artcore - v1.0.2
  • Chg: Force banner displays to be random each time page is shown - v1.0.2
  • Fix: Broken SQL statement in catalog/model/design/layout.php that prevented banners from displaying - v1.0.2
  • Fix: Force layouts that have an empty route to be assigned common/home in the database to avoid confusion when attempting to use the layout - v1.02
  • Add: Rearrange Featured Products - Tri Le - v1.02
  • Fix: OpenBayPro - Undefined method loader - pm-netti - v1.0.2
  • Fix: Modify any third party themes that have error that does not allow removing items from checkout cart - v1.02
  • Fix: Reward Points not subtracting the order points from the customers rewards points - vyshemirsky - v1.0.2
  • Add: Ability to add products to OpenCart shopping cart from your website to aid in a better customer experience - v1.0.2
  • Chg: Changed Customer Online Report URL & Referrer columns to maximize available text space - 20160206 - v1.12
  • Fix: Fix theme views - viethemes - v1.0.2
  • Fix: Remove trailing slash from any routes in layout_route table (when layouts are saved) - v.1.0.2
  • Fix: Affiliate Commission Radio Button selection Fix - ocmta - v1.0.2
  • Fix: Change payment method button loading hang when "Terms and Conditions" not ticked - Unknown Author - v1.0.2
  • Fix: Google Captcha error issue on Guest Checkout - nuke123 - v1.0.2
  • Fix: Force URL's in store to be terminated properly with a trailing slash or any store without trailing slash will default to main store. Force HTTPS protocol to HTTPS if SSL is selected in store settings - v1.0.3
  • Fix: payment template correction - 20160401 - Asif-Mahmood - v1.0.4

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