Author Topic: Apple Devices Running Slow / Apps Seeming to Hang  (Read 891 times)


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Apple Devices Running Slow / Apps Seeming to Hang
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2017, 12:26:19 PM »
Apple iPad / iPod / iPhone products can run very slow because they do not have enough combined RAM (memory) and storage space. Your apple device will not tell you this information for some reason but to run your device effectively you need to better understand how it operates. When you open an app, your device will use available RAM to operate. If your program needs more RAM; the operating system will page (write) unneeded information from RAM to your storage location to clear RAM for the current process and the one just asked of it. When the paged information is needed again; the OS will read the paged information back into RAM for its use and possibly page other unneeded information into storage for later use. Since many older devices only have about 51MB of RAM, this can lead to a lot of paging especially if you have many apps open at once.

Now the real problem comes when you have also used up much of your storage space. The OS does not have room to page properly and it tries to page in smaller amounts which leads to a lot of swapping and nothing much gets done because of the swapping of information in and out of the storage location and RAM. I recommend that you keep about 2GB free for the OS to use for paging so that your device will operate smoothly. Move your many pictures, videos and movies to an external device for safe keeping to free up space for your device to use.