Author Topic: Connecting to a shared folder on Windows XP  (Read 2930 times)


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Connecting to a shared folder on Windows XP
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Connecting to a shared folder on XP can be a little confusing and mind numbing. All the error messages that you get are not helpful in solving the issue and will send you off in the wrong direction.
Here are the steps to get connected:

  • On the XP computer; simply share the folder as you would normally do.

  • On the Windows 10 computer (Windows 8.1 also), go to Networks & Sharing Center in Control Panel.

  • In the left side of the windows, select Change advanced sharing settings.

  • Scroll down to HomeGroup connections then select Use user account and passwords to connect to other computers. XP has no idea of what a HomeGroup is... (This is the most important part).

  • Open File Explorer (you may remember it as Windows Explorer).

  • On the left side of the window, select This PC.

  • Expand the Ribbon (if not already open) using the arrow at the top right or using Ctrl-F1.

  • Select the Map network drive drop down from the ribbon area to select the entry Map network drive.

  • Select Connect using different credentials if the logon name that you have on your Windows 10 computer does not exist on the Windows XP computer otherwise leave un-chosen.

  • Enter your network connection information for your XP computer or choose it using the browse button.

You should now be connected to the XP shared folder if you have setup access & permissions to the folder.