Author Topic: Fixing a corrupted BIOS on an HP (Bricked Computer)  (Read 12028 times)


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Fixing a corrupted BIOS on an HP (Bricked Computer)
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Had a problem one day while updating the BIOS on a HP dv6 laptop, it hung while writing the BIOS and I had to turn the power off. I immediately knew this was trouble... I knew that somewhere in the HP documentation there was a procedure (or should be) for restoring or recovering the BIOS. I found this documentation but it was at best case vague, the documentation gave no definitive examples of how to accomplish this task (worthless in my opinion) so I searched the internet and pieced together something that worked with a computer that had the Insyde BIOS using UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface). If your computer has this you are in luck. Here are the steps I took to rewrite the BIOS on this bricked HP. It took a few hours of searching along with trial and error to find the correct steps for this. Other BIOS manufacturers may have similar techniques.
This procedure will work with a USB drive. HP documentation states it should work with a partition that is usually but not always on the hard drive named HP_TOOLS (I have not tried that procedure). If you use a USB drive and have the HP_TOOLS partition on your hard drive you can rename the partition on your USB drive to HP_TOOLS and copy the folder Hewlett-Packard to the root of the USB Drive. The USB drive must be FAT16 or FAT32 formatted. If you do not have the partition; there is a utility from HP that will create this structure on a USB drive for you (this is the method I used).
NOTE The created USB drive is not bootable and is not intended to be. Computer NEEDS to be plugged in for BIOS Update.
1 - Go to the HP site and Download the latest BIOS for your computer.
2 - Unzip the downloaded BIOS exe file to extract all the files that it contains. The BIOS data file will have the extension of .FD. This is the ONLY file you will need from the extracted files.