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Anti-Virus, REALLY????
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Did you know that a typical Anti-Virus program will only protect you from about 3 percent of the infections that are out there? And that’s for basically 1980’s type infections. Hmmm, it’s not the 80’s anymore… You need protection from 1980 to present and that takes more than one program. Now why would you want only 3 percent of protection and be left 97 percent unprotected?

You get sold the idea that one program can protect you from everything, but that would be like going to the doctor’s and asking for one pill to cure every illness that one has. You wouldn’t do that would you? To help completely protect your computer; four programs are needed and they are an Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Anti-Spyware and a Firewall. These all have active overlapping protection so that they can help make sure that nothing much gets thru the cracks. What we recommend and install for our clients are AVG Internet Security (with firewall), MalwareBytes, and SuperAntiSpyware. These three infection protection programs work perfectly together and can be purchased, installed and supported professionally by Randem Systems. If you like Norton or McAfee; then keep them but add the other protection that you are missing.

AVG Internet Security Paid Version Has Active Protection - (1 Year)$       55.00
SuperAntiSpywarePaid Version Has Active Protection - (1 Year)$       30.00
MalwareBytes Anti-Spyware                   Paid Version Has Active Protection – (1 Year)          $       25.00

The free versions of these programs will basically remove some viruses once you have them; but they offer no protection from getting the virus or the damage they cause (the damage is not repaired). The paid versions offer protection from getting the viruses, which is much better; for it protects you from the damage in the first place. You need all three programs to be protected; having only one program is protection from only one type of threat when there are many types of threats out there. We sometimes hear “My friend has just an Anti-Virus and has no problems”. Well, that is no problems that they know about… Would you think that if you had a friend that ran a red light and nothing happened, would you suggest that running red lights is a safe thing to do? I DON’T THINK SO!

Protect Yourself!!!