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Title: Scam Central
Post by: Randem on September 23, 2014, 12:59:15 AM
Did you know one of the most common causes of infections is a person who downloads and installs programs to attempt to speed up their computer on their own?
They install bogus programs that create infections and other malware onto their computers causing more trouble than when they originally had.
If you decide to use one of those TV ad programs or internet company to clean your computer remotely, you WILL be had! They are all scams.
Most of them are the same company that just change the name of the product that is being advertised when people start to complain and the law suits begin...
If you notice you will NEVER see an address of where the company resides.

If you unwittingly purchased one of those programs that allegedly cure EVERYTHING. You also might want to buy some timeshare on the Brooklyn Bridge...
There is ABSOLUTELY no one program that cures all!!! Just as you cannot go to the doctor and get one pill to cure every illness that you have or ever will have...
So don't believe the TV / Internet Ad hype.

These TV / Internet ad companies will sucker you into purchasing their program then almost immediately you will need tech support in which they will charge you about $250.00 for help.
This seems strange for a program that claims to cure everything on its own with one click.  They have been known to give fake virus reports and even place infections on your computer.
And once they get your credit card they will subscribe you to many other services your did not sign up for and then billing you annually for their useless software and / or service.
By the way, You can't speed up your internet connection with software... If your ISP does not give you fast internet speeds; No software cannot make it fast.

There are many FREE programs out there that will do the jobs that these programs claim to do but only much better.

Eliminate junk files and internet clutter - CCleaner.
Remove viruses and infections - MalwareBytes, SuperAntiSpyware, AVG (and a host of others, but will not protect you!).
Defragment your hard disk - Smart Defrag

Do yourself a favor; when you hear claims on TV; be smart. In this age of information technology a simple Goggle search will yield a lot of information on any product you intend to purchase.
An Internet search will save you time and money by not succumbing to the scamming that is done in the media. Here is a list of scam software companies...
Take a moment to Goggle the company BEFORE you use or purchase... It's that simple.



For reviews on these scamware sites and many, many more... do an Internet search.

Title: Re: Scam Central
Post by: Randem on November 29, 2015, 10:05:35 AM
Another scam that is raging thru the internet are support sites and companies. If you do an internet; say for HP support, you will get all kinds of fake sites popping up first, yes, they pay for this. This is also a huge reason why you should ignore all ads that pop up first in your internet searches.
How do you tell if a site is fake? Well the first rule of thumb is to look at the URL (the website address). If you are looking for HP then the site should read hp.com,
if you are looking for Microsoft the the site should end with microsoft.com etc... All the fake sites; no matter what they state they do or who they claim to partner with;
if they do not have the name of the company and .com at the end; IT IS A FAKE SITE!!!, so don't go there and definitely do not call them
and give them your credit card information.

If someone calls you and claims to be from a support company, don't believe them just hang up. The real companies would never call you out of the blue.