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Installation Process For OpenCart 2.1.x
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        The installation of BotBanish for OpenCart is fairly straight forward. The installation is delivered as a VQMOD that is to be installed via a manually upload.

        BotBanish is a client/server application and will check regularly with the BotBanish server for information regarding a bot attack and any maintenance that will need to be done to keep the system is a high state of readiness.

        BotBanish will work in conjunction with other bot protectors but is your first line of defense to help aid in the reduction of bot traffic and access to your forum. We also suggest that you add CAPTCA to your forum to help with bot denial

BotBanish for OpenCart Requires PHP, mySQL & Apache
and the installation process is as follows:

  • Check to see if PHP Version 5.4.19 is installed (Probably at least PHP version 5.3.x) with mysqli version 5.5.19. You can execute the included info.php file to check for these installations. Place the info.php file in the root folder of your hosted site then type in your browser is your actual hosted domain name, use http:// or https:// accordingly.

  • Update the APIKEY in the BotBanish/bot/Client/Settings_Client.php file to match the APIKEY that you have obtained from for your domain

  • BotBanish will automatically use the OpenCart database for it's tables unless the Settings_Client.php file is changed to use a different database.  If a different database is desired, create a mySQL database on your host then modify the Settings_Client.php file to match your new database parameters in the OpenCart Section of the file. The BotBanish installation will create all the tables that it needs in the database prefixed with botbanishclient_

  • Upload the BotBanish folder to your OpenCart folder location

  • Report to the URL of the pages that you want to protect (normally Login & Registration pages). We may already be protecting them but it is better to be sure. We currently protect the OpenCart login and registration pages.

  • In your browser type to start the installation of BotBanish

  • BotBanish will create the needed tables then attempt to import from your root .htaccess file into the BotBanish ip table any IP firewall rules that are present for future use. The BotBanish installation will also automatically add the needed code to your index.php so that BotBanish can be utilized.

  • BotBanish is now protecting you from bots, spiders and user attacks. Each time someone or something is accessing your site BotBanish is checking them out and monitoring them for suspicious behavior.

BotBanish White-list Tables Created in Your Database:
  • botbanishclient_ip_dnb: Used to allow a known IP to access your system even though BotBanish may attempt to monitor and block it.

  • botbanishclient_spiders_bad: Used to allow a known bad spider to access your system even though BotBanish may attempt to monitor and block it.

  • botbanishclient_spiders_good: Used to allow a known good spider to be blocked from accessing your system even though BotBanish will allow it.

  • botbanishclient_url_dnc: Used to disallow BotBanish from monitoring a URL for bad behavior.

Download the latest version at