Author Topic: File Synchronation Stops at 8%  (Read 10428 times)


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File Synchronation Stops at 8%
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If you have the problem of file synchronization stopping at 8% or the issue where you get an API Call Error and the synchronization does not continue you can easily stop this from happening. The support staff at Allway Sync state that this is a problem with YOUR computer but it is not and here are two work-a-rounds that will keep Allway Sync working. The strange thing about Allway Sync's reasoning about it not being their problem is that if you just exit out of their app then reload their app, Always Sync will re-logon without getting this error, yet during the course of the day it cannot seem to re-logon. Strange that they think this is a problem with my machine...
1 - Go to Start->My Network Places; Browse for the computer that you have set Allway Sync to backup to/from. Click on the computer then log on to it. Windows will ask for your user name and password. This will also cause Windows to keep your user name as password for this computer.
2 - Map a network drive to the computer that you have set Allway Sync to backup to/from.
You may need to use both choices to keep Allway Sync from getting errors and stopping.
There is a second reason Allway Sync may stop at any percentage if you are using Windows 7 and Windows XP to sync from one to the other. Sometimes Windows 7 will use IPv6 instead of IPv4 to attempt to communicate and since XP does not understand IPv6 no communications will happen resulting in the synchronization stopping dead in its tracks. The way to see if this is happening is when the syncing stalls; open a command prompt on the Windows 7 computer then ping the XP computer. Notice the format of the return information, if it is in IPv6 format then that is why the communication stopped. It is unknown why Windows 7 switches IP protocols mid-stream but it happens. To resolve this issue you can de-activate IPv6 on your Windows 7 computer and it will only be able to use IPv4.
To disable IPv6, go to Network Connections, select the connection that you are using (Wireless/Wired) Select Properties then uncheck the IPv6 protocol.