Randem Systems

Taking Your Business Paperless

          Going paperless or just using less paper is not only just going green but it will help streamline your workload and increace your efficiency completing the tasks you really should be concerned with instead of the paperwork.

Now going with less paper is much easier than you may think. Picture this, your people are out in the field and need to get something back to the office, could be a document or picture. You should instantly get the picture or document back to the office via the internet or wireless communications so that the people back at the office can handle the request and get an answer to the ones who needs it fast. It's more than just email, it need to be in a central filing system that gets backed up on a regular basis.



More and more employees need to be working outside of the office and your office needs to be able to handle that, to not only be productive but to stay competative. Remember if you don't do it, your competatives will.

No one person should have all the company information at their disposal that others can not access. A single email account is just that, the information is stuck in their email account and no one can follow up on that information because no one else knows it exists.

The future is information and it needs to be shared and available to those who need it and can utilize it.