What We Need...

  • Your .VBP or .VBPROJ project file for the setup you want to create the setup for (This is only 1 text file).


  • Any third party ocx/exe/dll files that are needed for your program to run.


  • Any text/database/image/datafiles/license/readme files that should be deployed with your program.


  • List of locations as to where your program expects all files to be so that it runs correctly.


  • Detailed instruction on how to do a basic test on a good installation.


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How it Works...

We use the files that you provide via our FTP site to create a working installation for your application. If we find that more files are needed that have not been provided we will contact you so that you can deliver these files.

After completing the installation we will deliver the setup program via our FTP site for you to test.


Complete script, SETUP.EXE and InnoScript project and environment used to create the script.

$50.00 per Operating System

(I.E. Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Get Started Today...

NOTE: Charges can increase if information is not obtained in a timely fashion or the process is overly complicated.

If you decide that you would like us to create a basic installation for you;

these are some of the things that we will need:

InnoScript Script Generation