Windows Side by Side Manifest

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Windows Side By Side Manifest Installation

A Windows Side By Side Manifest can easily be created with InnoScript. To create a Windows Side By Side Manifest installation follow these simple steps:

  1. Open or create an InnoScript Project.
  2. Open the Parameters screen (Settings->Parameter).
  3. Click on the Create WinSxS Manifest Installation button.
  4. Go to the Add Files selection.
  5. Change the destination location of the file to {WinSxs}. Alternately if you were you just change a file in the list to have a destination of {WinSxS}, InnoScript would automatically select the   Create WinSxS Manifest Installation button on the Parameter screen.
  6. Run InnoScript to create the Inno Setup Script.

       The manifest file will only be created at installation time. The process will copy the files marked with {WinSxS} from the Add Files selection into the location where the application was installed along with two manifest files. One manifest file will have the name of YOUREXENAME.exe.manifest and the other will have the name of WinSxS.Manifest.  All the COM dll/ocx that you selected will be referenced in the WinSxS.Manifest file. The YOUREXENAME.exe.manifest will reference the WinSxS.Manifest file.

The two manifest files along with the files marked with {WinSxS} MUST be in the application folder in order for your application to work!

NOTE: When Deploying a WinSxS manifest, all other Manifests will not be deployed even if selected.

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