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Windows Side-By-Side (WinSxS):

       In this selection you will see all the files in your deployment that can be used in a WinSxS deployment. A Windows Side-By-Side deployment is a deployment where files do not need to be registered for your application to work. This is mainly used when you are deploying a dll/ocx/exe file that can be registered, but in doing so you may change the version of a registered dll/ocx/exe file causing programs that are already installed to malfunction or not work at all.

       With this selection you can select the files that you want to be deployed in a WinSxS installation then click "Add" and the files will automatically be included in the Add Files Selection with the proper destination location which will then change the installation to a WinSxS installation script. The marked files will be deployed into your application folder where your program was deployed along with two manifest files that your application will need for it to work. All files that can be deployed in a WinSxS installation may not work in that environment. In cases such as this you will need to use the trial and error approach to find out which file is giving you an error when you deploy the installation. trial and Error is a method in which you will eliminate one file from the installation at a time until the installation works. When this is accomplished you should place the file in the [WinSxS] section of the Unsafe file so that it will not be deployed in a WinSxS installation in the future.

       When your script is created the word WinSxS will be appended to the script name so that you can distinguish this script from the other scripts that you may have created.

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