Unsafe File Processing

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Unsafe File Processing

       InnoScript comes with a file named UnSafe.fil that resides in the Local APPDATA folder for InnoScript. By using this feature you can select if you want InnoScript to check if the files in the script are unsafe and if found in the list they will be eliminated from the script. Unsafe File Processing is not to be confused with Unsafe Mode, of which if selected InnoScript will search the Windows System folders for files, otherwise in Safe Mode the program will not search the Windows System folders for files regardless of if you place the system folder in the Search Folders selection.

       The only time it will seem like the Windows System folders are searched is when InnoScript finds files that are in the systems folder even though Safe Mode is on. This is because the registry is checked to see if the file is registered and if so it may take the source location from the registry.

NOTE: You can edit the Unsafe.fil file to include any files that are not on the list at the time of release. You can open this file from the main screen to edit or browse it.

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