Template Processing

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Template Script Processing

       This can be a very powerful tool to use, especially if you generate a few projects that have the same programs or files needed in them that are not contained in your projects. Another way to use it on a single project that you need to update, you will not have to manually enter these files again.

       To help you with the template processing, a sample template project has been included with InnoScript in the installation folder. The name of the folder is SAMPLE and it has a few lines in this file to help guide you on to making script templates of your own.

       A template is simply nothing more than a cut down script, thats it. It contains the lines of text that you would like to have added to or replace within your script when it is generated. These lines are generally the addition or modifications you want to make to the script as it is generated. Some default properties of the template process can be overridden by using special characters in the first line of the script line.

Special Character Processing:

       No Indicator                Attempt replacement if cannot replace then add the line

+        Plus Sign                Force addition of template line into script (no attempted replacement).

;        Semi-colon                Add line as a comment only. (No attempted replacement).

-        Minus Sign                Delete the line. (No attempted replacement).

&        Ampersand                Comment the line. (No attempted replacement).

       The default properties of the template procedure is to replace, add, delete or comment the marked lines from the final script depending on value on the line itself and the section it is in. The default sequence is to replace the line if it can and if not then just add it. The sections are processed by using keywords and/or getting the parameter from the left of the equal sign. The keywords are the whole parameter except where notated. There is a sample template project in the folder named SAMPLE in the location where InnoScript was installed. Look in this folder for helpful hints on how to use template processing. Template processing can be a powerful tool to generate different scripts types from one base script by replacing one line with another.

Section Names

[Setup], [LangOptions], [Messages]

(Left of equal sign).



[Tasks], [UninstallDelete], [Components], [Dirs], [Languages], [InstallDelete]


[Run], [INI], [UninstallRun]

Filename: (File name only)






Sub key:

NOTE: If you want lines added to the script without processing (not attempting to replace) add an asterisk to the front of the line. The asterisk will be removed when the line is added to the script. Adding a semi-colon to the front of the line will just add the line with the semi-colon in the same position.

Do not use indentation on script lines that are to be processed!!!!

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