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       After InnoScript completes it's run it will show the resulting script in this selection for your review. If there are any files that InnoScript did not find, the lines will be colored red to indicate that you must locate these files then tell InnoScript their location or move the files to a location that InnoScript is already searching for your script to work. Locating these files can be as simple as including the folder where they exist in the Search Folders tab. If you do not know where these files exist, one place could be the Windows System folder. If your files are located in the Windows Systems Folder you will need to copy them to another folder then place that folder in the Search Folders tab; then InnoScript will find them on the next run. However this is not recommended that you do this unless you understand the ramifications of this action. You should not take files from our system folder unless you understand how they will affect your destination computer where they will be installed.

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