Product Information

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Product Information

       InnoScript has the ability to find the correct Crystal Reports Version and deploy it for you. It also has the ability to deploy ComponentOne components correctly avoiding the registration issues. You can download any of the supported installations from the Download menu on the InnoScript main screen.

       InnoScript is a utility to help one migrate to Inno Setup from Microsoft's Package and Deployment Wizard or straight from your Visual Basic Project (this is the advised method). This is a utility that can convert your PDW script or VBP file to an Inno Setup Script. It will give you a complete, ready to compile script that can generate your installation immediately. Any exe/dll can be used from other programming languages to create installation also.

       InnoScript was created out of necessity. We were creating our packages using PDW and then converting them by hand to Inno Setup (a tedious process and prone to mistakes). So we came up with this idea of how to do it automatically.

       To help your database installations be flawless, you should make our Automatic OS Updater Installation part of your package. It will install the proper MDAC, DCOM and JET engines to bring your clients computer up-to-date so that your installation is smooth. The updater and more details can be found on our support page, it should be run before or while installing your app. It has to be downloaded separately and InnoScript need to be told where it is located by placing the path in the search area box.

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