Inno Setup Parameters

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Inno Setup Parameters:

The Definitions of the following parameters can be found in the Inno Setup help section of Inno Setup. Some parameters (in the white areas) will be automatically filled in after the first run of the script creation. Some parameters are taken from the properties of the VBP and VBPROJ project files. It is suggested that you run InnoScript first so that it will fill out as much as it can; then you can modify the parameters after that.

AppName:                        AppVersion:                        Company:                        InfoBeforeFile:                        InfoAfterFile:                        

AppSupportURL:                AppPublisherURL:                AppUpdatesURL:                WizardImageFile:                WizardSmallImageFile:

DefaultDirName:                DefaultGroupName:                AppCopyright:                        AllowNoIcons:                        OutputBaseFilename:

LicenseFile:                        UnInstallDisplayIcon:                IconFilename                        PrivilegesRequired:                Compression:

DesktopIcon:                        QuickLaunchIcon:                                                


Note: AppName, AppVersion and AppPublisher are added to the script after first run and are taken from the VBP project file from the following areas:                        

In VB6 from the main menu - Project->Project Properties->Make

AppName = Product Name + Major Version Number

AppVersion = Product Name + Major + Minor + Revision

AppPublisher = Company Name

IconFilename is the actual location of the icon file on your development system. InnoScript will copy the icon file to the {app} folder at install time.

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