(InnoScript and Inno Setup are two separate packages by different companies with no affiliations)


InnoScript Support Site: http://www.randemsystems.com/support/

       InnoScript supports multi-language in the installation of InnoScript as well as in the operations. You can change the language in which you want to view InnoScript from the Languages menu on the main screen. InnoScript will allow you to deploy your apps to Vista properly without needing admin privileges to run them (unless you do some other bad things in your code). However in order to do this you may need to change where your app uses its data files that it needs to update and write to. These data files should be in a folder inside your Local APPDATA or your Roaming APPDATA folder not in your app folder. You can get your APPDATA locations using the following code which you can find at http://www.randem.com/freeware.html under the title Make Your Application Limited User Compliant

       InnoScript is best viewed in Video modes of 1024 x 768 or greater resolution. InnoScript allows you to save your script selections as projects files (.pjt). If you create a .pjt file for the .vbg file you do not need to create a .pjt file for all the associated .vbp files within the vbg..It is advisable to use a group project file (vbg) when your project uses components from other VB projects. This will insure that you retrieve all components your app needs.

       When initially started, InnoScript may appear to be frozen or hung. This is not the case; you must open or create a project for InnoScripts graphical menus to be accessible or a script to be created.

       InnoScript can create an installer from any programming language files (exe/dll) but Visual Basic Projects (.vbp, vbg or .net) to Inno Setup Script (iss) conversion is this programs strength. It will allow users to go straight from a Visual Basic Project file to an Inno Setup Script of course it can handle the Package and Deployment Wizard's Setup.lst file also, but it is advised against using the PDW file for it maybe lacking in all the things that are needed for a proper installation. Put yourself on our InnoScript's e-mail list to be notified of future releases. Visit our support site at http://www.randemsystems.com/support, your feedback, thoughts, comments and suggestions are welcome. You can also report problems and find solutions to your problems should you have any.

       In the View Menu you will find two selections to help you with your development, Registered Components and Registered Shared Files. InnoScript will scan your computers registry then generate a list of all registered components and registered shared files. You may find this useful when you need to know if a file is registered, how many times it was and where it is located or just even which file is used with a particular system. (The count is the number of times the file was registered as a shared file). You can also remove these entries from the registry from this screen. All entries that are not found or unrecognized on your system will be shown in red.

       You can run Inno Setup or ISTool, InnoIDE, Inno Setup Studio or another editor of your choosing with your newly created .iss script file from within InnoScript. After script creation, just press the Run Inno Setup or Run ISTool button and the selected application will be started using your script.

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