Internal Installs

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Internal Installs

References: Automatic OS Updater, Scripting Runtime, JET Engines and .Net Framework, Crystal Reports, VC++ Runtimes

Defaults to No. This will NOT include the referenced sub installations in the installation exe, thus making it smaller in size. You will still need to place these installations into \Scripts\Output \Support\ where your project resides; this will be in the same folder where the installation exe resides that you created from your VB Project. You will need to deploy your exe and this folder for your application to install properly. If you deploy your installation exe without all the needed support installations in the support folder the installation will continue uninterrupted and not attempt to install these missing components without reporting any errors. Check this box if you want to include the sub installations in your installation exe making it much larger in size but only having to deploy on installation exe without the Support folder. InnoScript will automatically create an empty Support Folder in the folder where the installation exe will be created if one does not already exist. You will need to download and place the sub installation inside the support folder when you deploy your installation.

NOTE: All the downloaded installations NEED to be in the "\Script\Output\Support\" Folder for your project for the script to be compiled. This is a fixed location in the generated scripts.

If you choose to use External Installs (Internal Installs not selected), you will need to deploy your installation in folder with a folder name "\Support\" where you would copy the contents of "\Scripts\Output\Support\". In the illustration below; This might be a CD that you are using to deploy your installation. This could be your root folder or this could be inside a folder. This would allow your installation exe to be much smaller for update purposes for on each update you would not need to deploy the support folder since it was use on the very first installation. This would allow your client to have a much smaller download when they need to get an update.

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