External Installs

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External Installs:

       If you need to execute another program or installation when your application is installed; add the exe that needs to be run after your application is installed. These instructions will be placed in the [Run] section of your script. If you create a task for the entry, the

Add New External Install:

Task Name:                        Name of the task to be associated with this install.

Description:                        Description of the install.

Group Description:                Group name for more than one install. Two or more separate installs can use one group name and they will appear together in the install.

Filename:                        The name and location of the installation file.

Parameters:                        The parameters that the installation will use when it is run.

Inno Setup Parameters:        Inno Setup parameters that will be placed in the script for this entry. Similar to the flags for the files and folders. Check Inno Setup for more information.

These selections are Inno Setup Parameters and the Inno Setup documentation should be consulted for a better explanation.

Task Needed:                        Indicates if there is a task needed for this entry. If a task is not used then the install will execute every time your installation is run.

Task Selected:                Indicates if the task is automatically selected when the installation is run.

Exclusive:                        Indicates that this task cannot be selected with another task.

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