Add Folders

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Add Folders:

       The Add Folders tab is used to add the folder and the contents of the folder to your installation. You may want to add the contents of a folder to your installation that may hold graphic, database, document or any file folder that needs to be copied to the destination. The files in the folder will be copied not installed. The destination location can be  chosen by selecting the destination from the drop down list on the left of the tab. the destination uses the Inno Setup constants and can be found in the Inno Setup documentation.

       If you place a folder such as E:\Server Data\Randem\Develop\InnoScript\Graphics\ in this tab and choose the destination location to be {cf} then the destination location that the files will be copied to will be {cf}\Graphics\. If you choose the destination to be {app} then destination location will be {app}\Graphics\

       In the Add Folders tab it is easy to create empty folders at installation time. Add the empty folder and then at script creation time InnoScript will create entries in the [Dir] section with the empty folders and entries in the [Files] section with all the folders that have files in them.

Use the Flags button on the files line to select any additional flags to be included in the new script generation (IE. uninstallnever).

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