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Add Files:

       The Add Files tab is used to add any file that InnoScript will not automatically find up such as text, picture, database as well as files InnoScript will find such as dll or ocx files. The reason you may want to add files that InnoScript will automatically find is that when you run InnoScript and InnoScript determines the flags that a file should have included with it, you may want to add additional flags to the file. You can then select the FLAGS button for that file to add the additional flags you want to include in the Inno Setup Script. You can also select where each particular file will be deployed by selecting the destination from the drop down selection on the left. This selection will shot the Inno Setup constants that you can use for deployment. Check the Inno Setup documentation for more clarifications on these constants.

Use the Flags button on the files line to select any additional flags to be included in the new script generation (IE. uninstallnever).

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