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InnoScript Setup

InnoScript Setup


 The Top Inno Setup Script Generator for Jordan Russell's Inno Setup.

Creates an .iss script file using any exe/ocx/dll from any programming language or Visual Basic's .NET, VBP, VBG and PDW Project files.

InnoScript will find all the dependencies for your projects. Creates and maintains your installation projects; Automatically detects and installs the correct Crystal Reports installation for your project.

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InnoScript 12 should NOT be installed over any previous version other than version 11. InnoScript is the longest and best supported script generator (since 1998) for Jordan Russell's Inno Setup and we will continue to give excellent support with your help.



InnoScript is NOT a Script Editor, it is a Script Generator. InnoScript will create scripts that can be edited with any script editors, such as Inno Setup, InnoIDE, ISTool, Inno Script Studio etc... InnoScript is to be used in conjunction with a script editor not to replace one.

We can create a script for you - Details

Convert our language pack to have InnoScript converse in your language. If you would like to contribute with the conversion of the language or help files please contact us.

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Languages Included

Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish



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