Discusware has been out-dated for a while and is a flat file based system and should be converted to a database format for a better experiences for your users. Our Support Board was converted from Discusware Professional 4.1 to SMF many years ago.

What We Need from You

1. A complete backup of your Discus board in zip/rar/tz format. We provide an FTP location for you to upload it to.

2. An installation of SMF / phpBB3 / MyBB on your hosted server and access granted to it.

3. Access to your phpMyAdmin for your mySQL database for SMF / phpBB3 / MyBB. We need this expecially if your database is in a different language.


Contact us to get started today!

            We can convert your Discusware Board for you We are the Migration Experts!

There are still many Discusware boards out there and we can convert / migrate your whole Discusware board to SMF phpBB3 or MyBB format without losing any posts or data that is currently addressable in your Discusware board.

            All data is converted to comma delimited formatted files that can be imported into the mySQL database thru phpMyAdmin. Your new board can be up and running in as little as a day.

            We have converted Discusware boards containing over 1 million posts, 100k+ topics and sub-topics; all with working links and attachments. Your original Discus board is never changed!

            We also provide a direct message links from your old Discus board to the same topic in your new board, so that if any old links are still around they will get forwarded to the new forum automatically. Your existing members will not have to locate the new forum themselves.

Your Discus board can be in almost any language and we can still convert / migrate it to another Forum Format.

We convert:


  •     Attachments
  •     Images
  •     Announcements
  •     Post/Replies
  •     Topics/Threads
  •     Internal Topic Links
  •     External Links
  •     Sub Boards
  •     Categories
  •     Users
  •     Member Groups



Discus to SMF

Demo (100 Posts)

Download and place in the same folder where your Discusware installation is. That is where the folders where discus and discus_admin_nnnnnnnnn folders are located. the nnn are the numbers of your installation. Open a browser and type in

You will then get a complete download of 7 text files that you can import into SMF.

Instructions are the included ReadMe.txt file.



SMF Support and Other Info

Discus to phpBB3 (13mb)

phpbb Support and Other Info

Discus to myBB (13mb)

myBB Support and Other Info

Migration Support